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“Cool like mommy.” Yes, indeed! 💕 We love getting updates from former residents and their Solve babies! This sweet girl, Hope, is 18 months and thriving. She’s clever, joy-filled and bringing sunshine wherever she goes. ☀️
With the right support, babies & dreams can go hand in hand. 💕✨  We provide cost-free housing + life-transforming services that allow women & teens to focus on their education and future dreams while preparing for the arrival of their babies. We also extend that support after the baby is born so our mamas have everything they need to succeed. ⭐️  If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and aren’t sure where to turn, text HOPE to 941-748-0094 to chat with a real person and get confidential answers to all of your questions. ♥️  #babiesanddreams #supportchangeseverything #womensupportingwomen #prolifeisprowomen #boldwomen #strongwomen #reachforthestars #prolifegen #unplannedpregnancy #hope #weloveourmamas
Baby Treylin on the keys 🎹 and a proud mom behind the camera! We love watching our Evolve babies learn, grow, and thrive while their mamas work to build a brighter future for them both. ✨
Baby snuggles > Mondays. 💕 House mom Monique welcoming one of our newest little residents!
Today’s reminder. 💕🙏
Couldn’t love this more. Please continue to pray for @leah.darrow and baby Sly! 🤍🤍🤍  Repost from @leah.darrow:  Holding my son for the first time
☺️  There’s too much I’m feeling and thinking to put into a post …. How do you convey your heart bursting open, overflowing and yet filling up faster than it can be emptied?  I waited 31 days to hold him…. Born by emergency c-section on May 1st, surviving sepsis and fighting for our lives, we made it - by Gods great grace alone. And FINALLY - the day came when I got to hold him in my arms.  May 31, 2024 - a date I won’t forget.  Grateful for today.  We have Sly, today. And that’s enough. 🩵
Family dinner before Bible study! 🤍 What a joy to spend quality time with our residents around a table for fellowship, a home cooked meal, and sweet time in the Word of God.